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Aircraft Registration Specialist

A successful Aruba aircraft registration and financing transaction and air operating certificate (AOC) application requires local skills and knowledge, an extensive legal background and a – let’s make this happen – attitude. David Wever of AMDC Law is your aircraft registration and financing specialist and a qualified attorney at law with ample experience in this practice. He has the required skills for a successful transaction or AOC application to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

David obtained his law degree at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He is admitted to the bar and licensed to practice law in Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

AMDC Law provides financial institutions, leasing companies and operators with all their legal needs in connection with the registration of Aircraft and AOC application in Aruba. The services include setting up smart structures, obtaining all required licenses and tax transparent status, reviewing and drafting transaction documents and issuing legal opinions. Please click on services to get a list of the services usually included in a transaction.

Please contact David Wever of AMDC Law for a quote tailored to the specific circumstances of a transaction.

David’s recent experience includes:

  • Assisting a Top 100 German bank with the financing of a Boeing 737 BJJ, which including reviewing of all transaction documents, registration of international interets with the international registry and issuing a legal opinion on the transaction.
  • Assisting a sizable wine company with the registration of a corporate jet (Global Express XRS) in the nationality register of Aruba.
  • Acting as the transaction counsel in the re-financing of two Aruba registered aircraft. The aircraft in the portfolio of a renowned leasing company where re-financed by a consortium of banks, led by the London branch of a major United States bank.
  • Assisting a publicly traded multinational financial institution with the acquisition, financing and registration of an Airbus 320-232 and an Embraer 190-100LR aircraft in both the Nationality Register of Aruba as the Title Register of Aruba, including issuing a total of five closing and post closing legal opinions in connection with the transactions.
  • Advising a Kazakhstan airline on the expansion of its fleet, including registration of various Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft in Aruba and acting as transaction counsel on behalf of United States, European and Brazilian investment institutions, in connection with the financing of the purchased aircraft.
  • Assisting a Tajikistan airline with the purchase of two Boeing 737-900s from an Aruban law perspective. The services included overseeing the registration of the aircraft in Aruba and acting as a transaction counsel in favor of a United States investment institution, by issuing legal opinions from an Aruban law perspective (and legal opinions from a Curaçao law perspective for the entering into the transaction documents by the Curaçao legal entity set up to act as shareholder of the Aruban special purpose vehicle).
  • Assisting Switzerland bank in connection with the financing of an Embraer Legacy 650 Corporate Aircraft purchase. This transaction included placing a provisional pledge on aircraft, awaiting the finalization of the Aruban law mortgage.
  • Assisting a British Bank in the re-financing of a Dassault Falcon 50, which included advising on the cancellation of pledge on shares and mortgage in favour of the previous financing institution and placing new pledge on share and mortgage, in favour of the client.
  • Advising various leasing companies and assisting on the registration of Aircraft in Aruba, lease of the aircraft to their clients and placing securities in favour of the leasing companies’ financiers.
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